More ways to win when playing the roulette online

No strings attached behind free spins on online roulette

By Florin Edger Editor

Nobody would turn away somebody offering them free money, but over the Internet players should be extra careful when accepting first deposit bonuses at online casinos. Unless they are confident that the wagering requirements can be met, and the casinos would allow them to use the bonus cash to play roulette if this is their game of choice, beginners should look elsewhere for freebies. One way of getting the best bang for your buck is to play in online casinos that offer free spins at their games of roulette.

More chances to win when playing roulette

The house edge in a traditional roulette is of only 2.70% if the player is smart enough to choose the European roulette over its American counterpart. It might seem like an excellent percentage and players who already have a couple of strategies in mind, are probably thinking that they can beat the odds. Only time will tell whether they will succeed in their venture or if the seemingly insignificant percentage would be them. What is certain is that by taking advantage of roulettes that offer free spins, they further reduce the house edge and with a bit of luck they can turn most of the sessions into profitable ones.

Now that many variations of roulette have emerged in addition to the conservative American and European roulette, casinos are less reluctant to add new features. The free spins are awarded when the ball lands on one of the colored areas on the roulette, and these events can occur during any spin, regardless of how much money the player invests. The next wager the player makes will not cost him any credits, but if the outcome of the event that he bets on is positive, he will receive all of the profits he makes.

A win-win situation for beginners

Until they get the chance to feel the pulse of the roulette, beginners need a fairly long period to accommodate with the game and this is what deposit bonuses and free spins come in handy. While the first ones empower them to play longer without reloading their account, the free spins make each roulette session less costly. It is also refreshing to know that there are more ways to win than by having the ball landing on the color, column, dozens, number etc. that you have predicted.

Another type of free spin is the double bonus spin, which is more of a rarity now but has great outlooks given the fact that players love it. It makes perfect sense that this feature is so popular, because while the bonus is triggered in the same manner the benefits are even more appealing. The player gets the chance of doubling his profits in the next round, because the potential profits will be doubled if the bet is a winner. Find the best tips and strategies about roulette at

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