When to Say That a Gambler is an Addict

The problem of being a gambling addict is not easily recognizable or so be it as with the case of the gambler it self. There are numerous signs and symptoms that similar to a disease, a gambler exhibited in many ways and moves.

It is a fact that adrenalin once hit in the body system, there is a tendency to ask for more pleasure when succeed. That is the feeling that the gambler, being an addict has the urge to always win and win in spite that is uncontrollable. This is a type of a compulsive behavior wherein there is obsession in certain activity that gives so much pleasure even physically or emotionally. The gambler that becomes an addict has the inability to control desires to gamble and gamble more because there is a disorder to manipulate the impulse control mechanisms. This becomes even worse when the gambler doesn't think anymore logically. What matters most to the gambling addict is to satisfy the urge to gamble even in losing end.

A gambler is diagnosed to be an addict whenever showing some major signs and symptoms in behavior. Usually an addicted gambler gets time out from work and family life in able to gamble more. Most often, the gambler does not tell anyone about the activities of gambling. There is intense regret whenever after gambling because promises of quitting are being broken to oneself and to relatives and friends. There is an urge and out of way gambling activities that the gambler ends up losing the last money in the pocket. The money intended to pay expenses and bills at home is being used up by the addict to gamble. An addict gambler also lies and ended up stealing and borrowing money to get back the losses. On the other hand, a gambler who is winning gamblers more because of the urge to win more. Gambling is being a habit and the addict regards it as a source of income. As much as the gambler is concern, gambling is an activity whenever there is feeling of joy and sorrow. The gambler also regarded winning always of gambling and

If there will be no treatment, a gambler addict will exhibit intense signs and symptoms that may lead to suicidal ideation and can also can destroy a family. The behavior of the gambler is very odd that it leads to negative emotions like feelings of hopelessness and isolation. There is too much regret and most often this leads to emotional disturbances. The condition must be identified immediately to avoid such circumstances.

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